About us


Novayasdescalzo is a company founded in 2019 with the purpose of providing a quality product at the best price, we are dedicated to the sale of well-known brand shoes at the best price so that our customers are always fashionable without pocketing a large amount of money.

Our products are of the best quality, the shipping time is 15-25 business days since the shoes are shipped directly from the factory in China, which is why we have such low prices, because there are no intermediaries.

Our company is based on satisfaction and transparency since for us the client comes first.



We want to be the online store that you think of and recommend when you want to buy some fashionable sneakers at the best market price.

We have personalized and fast customer service, high-quality products at low prices, satisfaction guarantee and high security when making the payment with Banco Sabadell.


We have a team of qualified professionals in each of their specialties (digital design, sales, marketing...) MOONKEY GROUP 2.0 S.L. (B09683277) and office in Catalonia (Spain) with fiscal address at Calle Valencia N29, Sant Adria del Besos

The main objective of our team is to guarantee the ease of the customer both when placing the order and the satisfaction when receiving it, for this reason we do everything on our part to make your shopping experience as satisfactory as possible.


 WENLING SHININANJIWEI SHOE FACTORY We are a company dedicated to online sales located in Wenzhou, China, implanted in the Spanish and European market, and specialized in facilitating the sending of the latest fashion items and others, all in a safe way.

For Novayasdescalzo, the main priority is to keep customers satisfied at all times and we work for this, keeping the products at the best possible price and with 100% personalized customer service.

Your payments are fully protected and guaranteed, since each client makes them in Europe through our Management Company established in their country.

-Quality products for a low cost

-Personalized customer service

-Return guarantee


Our European manager is in charge of advertising our products from our Web catalogue, as well as customer collections, it is Novayasdescalzo, the best corporate team whose headquarters are in Spain, made up of an excellent professional human team that will always take care that no customer is left unsatisfied. Our main job is to offer a secure platform where seller and buyer agree when processing an order.


To certify that the buyer is always satisfied, Novayasdescalzo deposits the money until it is certified that the customer has received their purchase without any problem. Once the reception of the product is confirmed and in case there is no type of incident, the money is sent immediately to the seller. Otherwise, the money of our clients is always safe and is reimbursed in the event of an incident in their order.